welcome to MY space!
here is my little piece of heaven, my sanctuary. my happy place.  my little escape.
this is where you will find me most late nights...and i love it.
this place is the perfect space for me to unwind after a crazy day of LIFE!

for the past little bit, i have been craving a change.  my space has not always looked like this.  in fact, it was pretty unmotivating.  because this is my little sanctuary, i really wanted it to be somewhere i looked forward to coming and it was a place that relaxed me and at the same time reenergized me.  being creative does not always come if i am in an invigorating space it definitely helps!

so to transform my space i chose to create a gallery wall.  this was the best solution for me and my space.  i used some of my most favourite pieces from the heidi swapp gallery wall collection now available at michaels stores to create my wall.

i love using the faux pallet boards to create customized signage, the vintage frames for housing my favourite photos and quotes.  clipboards to hold those special extras, cute shelves to place more goodies on, sparkly marquee love and as always my lightbox keeping me inspired!

so be sure to stop by heidi's blog today to see my full blog post and recap on the story behind my creative space.

i am SO excited to be sharing it with you all.

be sure to check out heidi swapp's entire gallery wall collection.  it is amazing....with ENDLESS possibilities to make YOUR space the best space too.  we all deserve time in beautiful spaces, and now we can make them our own.  how awesome is that?!?

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