hello 2013 & project life.

welcome 2013. january 01/2013. wow. my first time writing that! SO crazy, but crazy GOOD! who doesn't love a FRESH start?  i am REALLY looking forward to this year.  i am feeling brave, strong and truly optimistic.  i think with every passing year, it is amazing to reflect on both the trials and triumphs that often put a bump in our roads. in the present moment now, when one looks back it is such a feeling to know that you have overcome what was once viewed as not possible. what a feeling of PRIDE and JOY that brings.

i have ALOT of hopes and dreams for this year.  2012 was such a blessing for me.  SO many incredible opportunities, moments and events fell into my lap that i will NEVER forget. each day my heart was full with endless gratitude.  it was a year of growth, determination, perseverance, travel, friendships, love, family and chance.  it truly was the first time in my life where i felt in control of things.  there were still those difficult days, but for one reason or another THIS year i did not feel so much defeat. i was focused and seeing results.  very empowering. i am SO excited to take what i learned from last year and bring it with me on the journey of 2013.

one of my NEW projects i am really excited to be embarking on is PROJECT LIFE.  i really really want to stay accountable with this project and follow through. i mean, how AMAZING would it be at the end of this year to have an entire collection of the year's moments and memories? i am in AWE of everyone that kept up and did it for 2012 and years prior.  this year i want to be a part of that!  however, to be realistic with myself i am opting to keep it VERY doable.  simple, straightforward and basic.  no overthinking. just doing. i can do that right? ;)


  1. I to am joining in Project Life! I am hoping to stay accountable to. Sometimes I have issues following through, wink. But I really am striving to do it, even if I fall a tad behind.
    I love your outlook, it is truly inspiring. You are amazingly talented and I love coming to your blog! Thanks Lindsay for sharing! Hope you have the best 2013 that is possible! Hugs.


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