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so how many of you incredible scrappers have been able to get your pretty little hands on the Heidi Swapp Sugar Chic paper pack that is now available at Michaels? is it NOT amazing!?! seriously i cannot get over the pages and pages of incredible patterns, colours and details that make up this fabulous collection! truly amazing eye candy!

i was so ecstatic to learn that for one of this month's assignments, i was able to use this collection to create a mini album (which i LOVE) specifically for girls.  yesterday my beautiful friend and AMAZINGLY talented team member Maggie used her album to create a boy mini album ALSO using Sugar Chic!  i know what you are can one create a boy project from a collection of papers full of pink? trust me...just head on over and see what she did. your jaw will drop!  maggie and i were both given the exact same materials list to use which demonstrates just how universal the collection really is!  our challenge was to use one of the amazing Heidi Swapp Wood albums and transform it into a personalized custom made scrapbook!  you can see in the picture below that from a plain white bare chipboard album was born a scrapbook FULL of colour, pattern, detail and beautiful photographs...specifically for girls!

you can read all about my project and the juicy details today on Heidi's blog.  here i will just share with you a look inside of the pages so you can see just how much fun i had layering all the bits and pieces together.

my "twist" on the album was to use the cover as an actual page and base.  i added pages that i trimmed in various sizes on top creating a cascading layered effect.  i love the colors, the peek-a-boos of patterns that the fact that it is completely interactive!

here are the inside pages where i show off photos of my cousin's GORGEOUS girls. they not just melt your heart? i love these girls with my complete heart and soul.

i hope you will pop over to my featured post on heidi's blog today to learn even more ways to use your sugar chic paper packs, color shine, and wood album to create one just like this...or like maggie's. or better yet one that truly reflects YOU.  the freedom to make these types of projects completely your own is truly one of the best features.  i promise you will have SO much fun and will become addicted to these wonderful little mini wooden albums.  SO many possibilities to make pretty stuff!

sweet serendipity!

sweet oh sweet serendipity!
how i love thee...let me count the ways!

besides it being march, and with spring just around the corner...nothing is making me more excited or happier than the release of this gorgeous new paper collection from heidi swapp! the colour palette just makes me giddy inside! SO many great patterns, colours and details. truly a perfect collection for just about any and every memory that is waiting and wanting to be scrapped!

i used the beautiful collection, along with some other new pieces from the heidi swapp clear pop and colour pop releases (available in stores March 2013) to create this 2 page 12 x 12 layout.  all of the details on the how, what, why, where can be found on today's feature post over at

although this line is SO extremely versatile, i used it to celebrate and commemorate some of my most cherished beach memories from late in 2012.  looking at these papers made me think of sunshine, warm weather, fun, smiles and i thought using some beach photos would be perfect.

i created some 3 x 4 cards (which as anyone and everyone knows is SO hot right now) and made each one with it's own little personality.  i layered some of the gorgeous clear pop tabs and banner delights, used a clear pop printed pocket for some tucked away journaling and even personalized a color pop window frame.  i also used my silhouette cameo to cut out the words "relax" and "vacation" from the heidi swapp digital summer brush collection.

the second half of my layout showcases some more of my favourite instagram memories.  i LOVE the layered clear pop tag over the photo. that one has to be my absolute FAV. i also adore the strip of banners I cut out and layered.  they are just SO cute and really showcase all of the different patterns of the serendipity collection...and just how well they coordinate together. i love it!

i even created a little mini 3 x 4 sized journaling book to hold more notes, memories and photos.  i created this simply by trimming my paper to 4 x 6, folding in half and sewing along the crease.  such a simple way to create a mini notebook to coordinate with any project, page, or album!

please make sure to stop by heidi swapp's blog for the FULL breakdown of this project.  i hope that this has left you feeling ready for warm weather and eager to document and/or create some future memories so that you can play with this amazing and incredible collection too! i promise you will LOVE it!


art heals.

life is a funny thing.  it really really is.  it is such a journey, adventure....a place to experience what you may dream of, hope for...and those little unexpected curve balls that just happen to show up. you know....we all know those curve balls.

this project is a very personal one for me.  this month i had one of those curve balls.  and although it was nothing serious as compared to what many other people deal with on a day to day basis it still really took me to a place of new emotions, thoughts and fears that i did not have prior. and to be honest there were some days and afternoons where the THINKING was making me crazy. the over thinking. the ruminating...the play over and over in my mind of my own questions, the unknown, the future. you know...ALL that that i cannot control and is out of my hands.

i know that this type of thinking is COMPLETELY unproductive. it needed to stop. for me, for those around me. for my health.  i just cannot handle that anxiety.  so of course, trying to turn to more productive means of coping and consciously steering me away from what i used to do (comfort eat....) i threw myself into one of my favourite places on this earth. my scrapbook room. this place is my haven. truly.  i am so blessed to have a place to lose myself and just let thing GO. create, celebrate, remember...just all of that happens here and more.  

i was looking through my stash and turned to this BEAUTIFUL Heidi Swapp Chipboard Embossed Binder Album that is a BRAND NEW release to the Heidi Swapp Michaels collection.  probably my FAVOURITE release to the collection, (well one of them anyway)....i knew that this book would be the perfect home to document and create some art to heal.  these types of albums are becoming SO popular and are truly just an amazing place to create scrapbooks and art.  they are so perfect for art journals especially. the hard sturdy cover, binder rings, fun size...i love it all.  

i really had NO plan in mind. i just wanted to let go and DO.  i created this simple front cover collage by using my silhouette cameo to cut out some butterfly cuts. i just used plain white card stock and then used Heidi Swapp Color Shine in Mint Green and Gold Lame (sprayed over top each other) to create the color. i then painted the chipboard front with some white acrylic paint and added some light green edging.  I then layered the flat paper elements (butterflies, definition stickers, sentiment stickers) and then sealed it all with layers of mod podge.  i then finished it off with some Heidi Swapp Color Magic butterflies (that i sprayed with Black Velvet Color Shine), a Color Magic Paper butterfly and some Heidi Swapp Color Magic Seam Binding.  i even added some stickles overtop the chipboard butterflies. i loved this effect. just art.  i truly let go of the idea of needing to "be perfect". i just wanted to have fun. i just wanted to release my anxiety.

here is a look inside of my album.  each and every page i created was solely on impulse and what i was thinking or feeling at that particular moment.  it either highlights a favourite title or phrase, or quote that i love.  it is truly a mix.  i also love this project because it is really a collection of using my scraps and tid bits of supplies that i have on hand just looking for the perfect home.  i created all my titles in my silhouette software, cut them out using just plain white cardstock and then misting the letters with various colors of Heidi Swapp Color Shine.  it is such a perfect way to customize titles for pages and layouts! i LOVE this technique and use it over and over and over... ;)

this album also encompasses some of the cutest and adorable photo sleeve protectors.  this is one of my favourite page protectors that comes with the album, so i loaded it with some of my FAVOURITE and most treasured instagram memories from the last little while.  these just make me feel happy, blessed and reassured.  that is exactly what my goal is when i revisit and look through this album.  i want to be transported back to THIS place.  THESE emotions, THIS space, where it just feels good.

this page below is one of my favourites so far.  and it is SO true. my head is ALWAYS in the clouds.  i am always dreaming, envisioning, creating, writing....i am NEVER really here in the everyday.  i mean, i am BUT i just love to be artistic. in everything i do. it is such a part of me and it keeps growing and evolving each and every day. 

this next page was actually pretty emotional for me to create.  i do feel afraid lately. i guess more any case i just need to work on always reminding me to BE BRAVE.

this is the page i created late last night.  i found this quote on facebook and it has always stuck with me. i knew i had to include it as part of this book.

one last look at the cover.
this has truly began a really amazing artistic and creative release for me.  i am looking forward to creating more pages, experimenting with "imperfection" and just having fun with some ART. this so far has been such a helpful experience for me.  really easing my mind and helping me to let go of things that i felt were weighing on my shoulders. each and every day is still work, a journey...the fear of the unknown...i know we all share it.

however in the meantime i am just having so much fun celebrating what i love, doing what i love and creating....truly an awesome blessing.

i hope this project has inspired you to let art heal you, or at least set you on a path to healing, letting go and releasing all that we wish we could change but cannot.

wishing you a beautiful beautiful day.

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